Bangkok, the centre of the Bangkok Metropolitan Area, has been the capital of Thailand since 1782. There are many palaces in the city, some still used by the Thai royal family, while others are now open to the public. A number have become government or academic buildings as well as museums. The king's official residence is the Grand Palace, which has housed Thailand's monarchs for over 200 years.

Bangkok is also famous for its public parks and museums, such as Queen Sirikit Park, Lumphini Park, Princess Mother Memorial Park, Nagaraphirom Park, Santichaiprakan Park and museums that include The National Gallery Museum, The National Museum, Suan Pakkad Palace, and many more which are the main reason and attraction for tourism industry in Bangkok, Thailand.

I know it sounds a bit boring because obviously when we say “International” there is a lot more that people expect than what have just been mentioned so, yes, coming towards some other exciting and amazing things that we have in this event of ours that we have to offer except an MUN conference only. Starting the day in Bangkok at about 18km of the lengthy Khlong Saen Saeb which are serviced by the public motorboat as it slices through the centre of the city making it a lot convenient for sightseeing and shopping. For a look into an everyday life of Bangkok, one must go for a boat ride during the rush hour in the morning. Travel on this canal for designer shopping at Siam Square and visit the Jim Thompson House which is a beautiful house of teak museum home of a silk trader who is an American.

Bangkok being an amazing sightseeing spot for tourism was the spot for the event of TYR in November 2019. The Asia International Model UN conference which was organized by The Youth Republic-TYR was held in Bangkok, Thailand from 14th to 17th November’ 2019 with the theme of engaging young leaders in order to attain global peace, where we had more than 100 delegates from all around the globe which participated at the Prince Palace Hotel Bangkok. We had 4 committees, UNGA, UNDP, UNESCO and UNWOMEN with exceptional committee directors from all over the globe.

To get an insight peep for the delegates we took them for a cruise dinner which started off in the evening to let them explore the city after which they had an appetizing and luscious dinner by the end of the day. Not only a cruise dinner but we also took them for a city tour around the astonishing city of Bangkok in which the delegates explored the city and were taken to Ayutthaya and Bang Pa-In which is a summer palace, along with River Kwai Tour and Death Railway Train Ride Kanchanaburi.

We had more than 100 delegates for this conference and the feedback that we got was more than what we expected and we plan on implementing many more events in Bangkok and around the globe as well in the near future.

Regards, Team TYR.