THE YOUTH REPUBLIC – TYR is an organization committed to provide students and young generations aiming to be the Future Leader with such platforms that can be beneficial for polishing their skills and making them able to stand tall among youth leaders. At The Youth Republic - TYR we provide platform such as Educational Conferences, Seminars, Model UN Conferences, Exchange Programs, Entrepreneurial Competitions, Entrepreneurial Summits and events for students and young leaders from all around the world.We are a Karachi-based youth organization whose core function is to provide students and young leaders an international platform for youth to connect better in favor of greater learning exposure. We plan to shift to Sharjah over the course of the next year after the completion of a few of our in-the-pipeline projects.

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I still remember the time when I first started doing MUNs. I was all eager and excited to speak up and bash the other bloc and to be recognized by the committee director.


There are many palaces in the city, some still used by the Thai royal family, while others are now open to the public. A number have become government or academic buildings as well as museums.