Introduction To The Youth Republic – TYR

By Youth – With Youth – For Youth

THE YOUTH REPUBLIC – TYR is an organization committed to provide students and young generations aiming to be the Future Leader with such platforms that can be beneficial for polishing their skills and making them able to stand tall among youth leaders. At The Youth Republic - TYR we provide platform such as Educational Conferences, Seminars, Model UN Conferences, Exchange Programs, Entrepreneurial Competitions, Entrepreneurial Summits and events for students and young leaders from all around the world.

We are a Karachi-based youth organization whose core function is to provide students and young leaders an international platform for youth to connect better in favor of greater learning exposure. We plan to shift to Sharjah over the course of the next year after the completion of a few of our in-the-pipeline projects.

Short Background

Our company started formally functioning on the 20th of January, 2019, where our foremost target was to analyze what the contemporary educational arena lagged behind in, and then to provide an achievable yet innovative solution to the yet-unexplored problem.

. What we concluded as the biggest setback to our educational systems, local especially, was the absence of communication channels between developing educational institutions and star-educational institutions, and hence the near-inaccessibility of international educational and cultural organizations such as UNESCO, AIESEC and IAESTE to the said developing educational institutions.

.What we needed was the presence of a student-run body that could work as an intermediary between international educational markets, hence providing students with an alternate non-bureaucratic platform where students could interact internationally.

. What we discovered was the potency of the globally-flourishing Model United Nations culture. It was then that we decided we were going to tweak this system of debate to achieve our goal.

.We now plan to integrate Model UN debaters, by holding international Model UN conferences in different cities of the world, and then, through their Public Relations, create the mentioned cross- border ‘breakout room. Thus engaging our participants in such a way to polish their skill and make them able to be the best version of them.

. With our plan of action, we are aiming to become the leading youth oriented organization to facilitate students and young leaders all around the world.


Our mission is to provide platforms all around the world led by and for youths through a multifaceted approach. We engage young people in such a way to build alliances between youth around the globe in order to develop and empower them to be the Future Leader.


To be the leading youth oriented organization, facilitating students and young leaders by providing them the resource needed to be a future Leader.

Core Values

Inspired by global principles and values including but not limited to Youth Development, Youth Empowerment, Active Participation, leadership, Gender Equality, diversity & Inclusion, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Human Rights and Sustainable Development we are keen to work in mentioned domains


We love peoples' initiatives and decisions irrespective of race, sex and class


Connectivity is the key; we connect youth with the best possible opportunities and organizations though our global platform

.Diversity and Inclusion

Loving diversity, with us everyone is comfortable, respected and included


Empowering students and young people with confidence, skills, and strength


We love effective participation and active involvement of young people


We are open, we believe in transparency & accountability to all at every level.