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THE YOUTH REPUBLIC – TYR is an organization committed to provide students and young generations aiming to be the Future Leader with such platforms that can be beneficial for polishing their skills and making them able to stand tall among youth leaders.

Our Team

President of Company


Hassaan Khan Sudozai

Mr.Hassaan Khan Sudozai, our President is a business administration graduate from PAF KIET, an Entrepreneur and Youth Activist from Karachi, Pakistan. He has been a part of Model United Nations circuit since last 5 years and has been a promising Debater and MUNNER throughout. He has been a part of more than 50 MUNs so far among which 5-7 MUNs were international in which he fulfilled the responsibilities of Chairing, directorship and being the Secretary General as well. He also organized 2 international MUNs in Bangkok. His knowledge of International Politics, Global Affairs and expertise in Human Rights has always been a huge advantage to MUN and debating circuit. Starting from "Main Hoon Edhi" compain in tribute to NI, LPP, GPA Abdul Sattar Edhi The Richest Poor Man to achieve Zero Hunger goal and Eradicate Poverty, Sudozai has remain an active stakeholder in youth activism and social work in his region. Hassaan Sudozai has launched his brain child in January 2019 with the name of The Youth Republic - TYR, aiming to provide a platform for young leaders, youth activist and doers to support them via collaborating and engaging them with others from different cultural background. With this Initiative, believing in theme of "For Youth-With Youth - By Youth", Sudozai aims to provide prospects to harness and advance opportunities for the leaders of tomorrow.

CEO of Comapny


Saad Ali Tahir

Our CEO, Mr. Saad Ali Tahir, who is an electrical engineer from PAF KIET is an Entrepreneur and Youth activist and works in the social organization of LSH I. e “Lets Serve Humanity” where they work towards building and collecting for individuals who are unable to provide for themselves and their families. He did his Diploma of Associate Engineering from PAK SWISS TRAINING CENTRE, which is a venture of the Pakistan and Switzerland Government. He has been in the MUN circuit since 2016 and has chair 10 MUNs so far along with being a delegate in more than 15 MUNs, LUMUN and NIMUN being some prominent ones. He is also the director development of techno source along with being a project engineer at euctional technologies. He tends to come up with a plan and platform in order to help and motivate our youth to do better, not just for their society but also for the global village that this world has become. The aim of joining TYR as the CEO is to lead, support, promote, celebrate, engage and collaborate diversity and admittance to welcome young leaders from all across the world regardless of their educational, religious or cultural background. Believing in the theme of “FOR YOUTH-WITH YOUTH-BY YOUTH”, our CEO aims to work in this initiative of making and polishing the upcoming leaders of our future.

Head of Operation


Mehran Yaseen

Being social sciences graduate from Karachi, Pakistan Mehran Yaseen, has always advocated social justices and equality among different sectors. Having expertise in Human Rights Affairs Mehran is being working in the mentioned domain since couple of years, not only via his Advocacy but with the activism as well. Despite being just 23, Mehran’s advocacy and activism has already address and pointed out many issues in hands. Mehran believe in inclusion of youth for a greater well, without any discrimination based ANY particular factor. Being the Head of Operations, The Youth Republic-TYR, Mehran firmly believes that by engaging youth we can attain not only The Youth Republic – TYR ‘s Vision but also can contribute in Sustainable Development Goals.

Director Marketing and Communication


Syeda Ayesha Zeeshan

Ms.Syeda Ayesha Zeeshan, our Director Marketing and Communication is a student currently enrolled in Karachi University for her Masters in Criminology. She has been in the debating circuit since 2012 and has participated and won various national and provincial level debating competitions throughout. She has done more than 25 MUNs so far along with her participation in worldwide fishing competition under 17 back in 2015. She has the experience of organizing and hosting various events as per being responsible for all such activities throughout her college and senior school life and has proved out to be an exceptional leader in all of the roles that she has been allotted with. She is not only an outstanding diplomat but tends to be a thoughtful writer as well and is currently looking after our content of the organization as well. She has started working with TYR under the direct supervision of our CEO Mr.Saad and our President Mr. Hassaan and look forward to work with us in the same vision as both our top notch leaders; "FOR YOUTH-WITH YOUTH-BY YOUTH”.